Royal Marines Graves

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For an explanation of the Royal Marine Register Numbers see: RM Register Number.pdf

Surname First name Number Rank Unit Age Date Country of Burial Grave Location Notes
Young Arthur William RME/16509 Gunner Royal Marine Artillery H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 20 1 December 1920 United Kingdom Charfield Congregational Chapelyard Son of James and Eliza J. Young, of Mill House, Charfield.
Young Cecil James CH/X 2629 Marine Royal Marines H.M.S. Resolution. 18 8 May 1940 United Kingdom Chatham Naval Memorial Son of Clr. Sgt. Matthew Young, Royal Marines, and Violet Young, of Carlisle.
Young Charles Edward PO/22052 Sergeant Royal Marines HMS Ramillies Not known 2 March 1939 Buried At Sea Plaque formerly located St. Andrew's Church, Henderson Road, Eastney, Southsea
Young Charles Horace CH/18737 Private Royal Marine Light Infantry Deal Bn. R.N. Div 17 25 July 1915 Turkey (including Gallipoli) Lancashire Landing Cemetery Son of Mrs. Young, of 101, Coningham Rd., Shepherd's Bush, London.
Young Dan PO/20328 Marine Royal Marines H.M.S. Dunedin. Not known 24 November 1941 United Kingdom Portsmouth Naval Memorial
Young Ernest Victor PO/17283 Private Royal Marine Light Infantry Portsmouth Bn. R.N. Div 19 6 May 1915 Turkey (including Gallipoli) Helles Memorial Son of Samuel Thomas and Eleanor Sophia Young, of Clarence Worle, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.
Young George PO/234(S) Private Royal Marine Light Infantry Portsmouth Bn. R.N. Div 19 6 May 1915 Turkey (including Gallipoli) Helles Memorial Son of Mary Elizabeth Young, of 11, Briar St., Middlesbrough, and the late George Young.
Young Harry Cecil PLY/1565(S) Private Royal Marine Light Infantry 1st R.M. Bn. R.N. Div. 36 28 April 1917 France Arras Memorial Husband of Margaret Nora Young, of 15, Westbourne Arcade, Bournemouth, Hants.
Young Henry PO/1339(S) Private Royal Marine Light Infantry 2nd R.M. Bn. R.N. Div. Not known 6 April 1918 France Pozieres British Cemetery Name inscribed on Memorial
Young Henry Thomas CH/9634 Private Royal Marine Light Infantry Chatham Div 39 16 July 1917 United Kingdom Chatham (Maidstone Road) Cemetery Husband of L. F. Young, of 93, Coleman St., Chatham.
Young Horace Herbert PLY/X 4247 Marine Royal Marines HMS Victorious Not known 9 July 1944 Sri Lanka Colombo (Liveramentu) Cemetery RM Detachment.
Young James PLY/11655 Private Royal Marine Light Infantry 37 4 October 1917 United Kingdom Plymouth (Ford Park) Cemetery Husband of Amy Young, of 9, Valletort Place, Stonehouse, Plymouth.
Young John Not known Private Royal Marine Light Infantry Not known 24 March 1878 Not known Lost At Sea HMS 'Eurydice' sank off Luccombe Chine, Isle of Wight on 24 March, 1878, with loss of all her crew except 2 men
Young John EX/730 Sergeant Royal Marines H.M.S. Odyssey. 26 15 November 1944 United Kingdom New Bury (St. James) Churchyard Son of John and Mary Ann Young, of New Bury; husband of Dora May Young, of Little Hulton.
Young John CH/3201 Quartermaster Sergeant Royal Marine Light Infantry Not known 21 June 1917 United Kingdom Deal Cemetery
Young Percy Alfred PO/X 3413 Boy Bugler Royal Marines H.M.S. Hood. Not known 24 May 1941 United Kingdom Portsmouth Naval Memorial
Young Robert Alexander Victor PLY/X2214 Marine Royal Marines H.M.S. Prince of Wales. Not known 16 February 1942 United Kingdom Plymouth Naval Memorial
Young Robert James CH/X 113009 Lance Corporal Royal Marines No. 47 R.M. Commando. 28 17 July 1944 France Ranville War Cemetery Son of James and Lydia Young, of Castleford, Yorkshire; husband of M. Young.
Young Ronald James CH/X 2902 Marine Royal Marines H.M.S. Neptune. 19 19 December 1941 United Kingdom Chatham Naval Memorial Son of George and Isabella Young, of Lumsden, Aberdeenshire.
Young Ronald John PLY/X 113752 Marine Royal Marines H.M.S. Royal Edmund. 21 18 April 1946 Belgium Brussels Town Cemetery Son of John Bernard and Annie Young, of South Yardley, Birmingham.