Royal Marines Graves

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For an explanation of the Royal Marine Register Numbers see: RM Register Number.pdf

Surname First name Number Rank Unit Age Date Country of Burial Grave Location Notes
Allerton Joseph PLY/41(S) Private RMLI/RN Division 23 13 November 1916 France Ancre British Cemetery, Beaumont-Hamel
Alleway John William RMA/8868 Marine Royal Marine Artillery HMS Bulwark Not known Not known Not known Kalkara Cemetery, Malta Gc Name of Marine shown is Marine Alleway Inscription: Memorial for those who died during HMS 'Bulwark's' Commission 1906 - 1907
Allibone Arthur William PO/18981 Private Royal Marine Light Infantry H.M.S. Princess Royal. Not known 17 October 1918 United Kingdom Buckland (St. Mary) Churchyard, Berkshire
Allinson Arthur PO/15037 Private RMLI/RN Division Not known 27 September 1918 France Hermies Hill British Cemetery
Allison Clive Richard PO30430C Corporal Royal Marines 26 16 July 1981 United Kingdom St John In The Wilderness Church
Allison George Edwin PO/X1752 Sergeant Royal Marines No. 41 R.M. Commando. 30 15 June 1945 Germany Reichswald Forest War Cemetery Son of Albert Edwin and Gertrude Annie Allison; husband of Monica Audrey Allison, of Wicor, Fareham, Hampshire.
Allison George Edwin CH/18485 Private Royal Marine Light Infantry Chatham Bn. R.N. Div Not known 12 July 1915 Turkey (including Gallipoli) Helles Memorial
Allison George Herbert RMA/7075 Gunner Royal Marine Artillery (South African Heavy Artillery) 28 26 October 1916 France Bazentin-Le-Petit Military Cemetery Name inscribed on Memorial erected in memory of the Officers and Men of the South African Heavy Artillery who died in the Great War 1914 - 1918. Includes names of 4 men of the Royal Marine Artillery. Located at Company's Gardens, Capetown, South Africa.
Allison Horace Albert RMA/12886 Corporal Royal Marine Artillery 28 4 September 1918 Sierra Leone Freetown (King Tom) Cemetery Inscription: HMS 'Africa'
Allison Raymond PO17392R Corporal Royal Marines 59 3 August 1998 United Kingdom St Andrews Church, Whitchurch
Allkins Wilfred Samson PLY/387(S) Lance Corporal Royal Marine Light Infantry Plymouth Bn. R.N. Div 24 4 March 1915 Turkey (including Gallipoli) Helles Memorial Son of Samson and Marion Rodick Allkins, of "Woodburn," 117, Gravelly Hill, Birmingham.
Allman Frederick RMA/9006 Sergeant Royal Marine Artillery R.M.A. Heavy Bty. Not known 16 October 1917 Tanzania Dar Es Salaam War Cemetery Son of William Allman, of 13, Church Aston, Newport, Salop, England.
Allott George PO/22532 Marine Royal Marines H.M.S. Hood Not known 24 May 1941 United Kingdom Portsmouth Naval Memorial Son of Fred and Mary Allot; husband of Gladys Winifred Allot, of Bitterne, Southampton.
Allum Phillip Joseph Lawrence Captain Royal Marines 48 24 September 1954 United Kingdom Fareham Cemetery Hampshire
Almond John Herbert PLY/22633 Marine Royal Marines H.M.S. Glorious. 32 8 June 1940 United Kingdom Plymouth Naval Memorial Son of Walter and Maud Mary Almond, of Plymouth; husband of Winifred Blanche Almond, of Mutley, Plymouth.
Almond Wilfrid PO/698(S) Private Royal Marine Light Infantry Portsmouth Bn. R.N. Div. 20 9 August 1915 Egypt Alexandria (Chatby) Military And War Memorial Cemetery Son of Lewis and Jane Almond, of Astley Bridge, Bolton.
Alsop William Douglas CH/18783 Private Royal Marine Light Infantry Chatham Battalion RN Division Unknown 3 May 1915 Turkey (including Gallipoli) Beach Cemetery, Anzac
Alston Giles Herbert PO/1410(S) Private Royal Marine Light Infantry 1st R.M. Bn. R.N. Div. 27 26 October 1917 Belgium Tyne Cot Memorial Son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Alston.
Altringham Ronald Leslie CH/X 112202 Marine 40 Commando RM 21 11 April 1945 Italy Argenta Gap War Cemetery Son of Mrs. H. Altringham, of Hackney, London.
Amato (1) Dennis CH/X 1615 Sergeant 48 Commando RM 25 6 June 1944 France Hermanville War Cemetery Rue du Sgt. AMATO, Langrune-sur-Mer, Normandy, France, named after Sgt. D. Amato, RM, killed during the attempt to capture 48 Commando RM D-Day objective, the strong point on Langrune-sur-Mer seafront.