Royal Marines

The purpose of this website is to provide reference information and research material for those interested in the Royal Marines. Enter text in the box below to search the entire web site. You'll be able to then choose between documents and images.

  1. RMHS - Royal Marines Historical Society website
  2. Royal Marine Graves - Images and descriptions of RM Officers and Ranks graves. This information has been created by the Royal Marines Historical Society to honour the memory of officers and men who served in the Royal Marines.
  3. Royal Marine Memorials - Images and descriptions of Royal Marine memorials.
  4. Royal Marine Documents - Documents dating from 1888 that relate to badges and insignia.
  5. Royal Navy Documents - Documents relating to Royal Navy badges and insignia.
  6. Papers - Papers and articles by various authors relating to badges and insignia.
  7. RMRO Index - Index of Royal Marine Routine Orders, by title, from 1944 to 1985.
  8. Globe and Laurel Index - Index of Globe and Laurel articles from 1892 to 2008.
  9. Globe and Laurel Obituaries - Index of Globe and Laurel Officers and OR's Obituaries from 1819 to 2013.
  10. Photographs - Photographs of badges, insignia and uniforms.
  11. Badges - Documents containing individual images of badges and insignia.
  12. Misc - Documents which relate to Army and RAF badges and insignia.
  13. Vocabulary List - Royal Marine badge Vocabulary List, which lists the stock number of RM badges.
  14. United States Marine Corps (USMC) - Contains images of USMC badges, insignia, uniforms and dress regulations.
  15. Interviews - Royal Marine Historical Society Interviews with past serving Royal Marines.

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