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RMHS Interviews

This is a list of interviews conducted by the Royal Marines Historical Society of ex serving Royal Marines. To listen to the interview click on the interviewee’s name. This will open a corresponding browser window.

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Name Rank Date Interviewed
Alan Hooper OBEColonel23 July 2014
Alan ThomasMarine2009
Andy R D Jackson MBEWarrant Officer I 10 February 2014
Anonymous RM OfficerOfficerApril 2013
Arthur Ansell Part 1MarineJune 2005
Arthur Ansell Part 2MarineJune 2005
Arthur Ansell Part 3MarineJune 2005
Brian BellasCaptainApril 2017
Chris SharlandMajor
Chuck HarrisMarine9 February 2020
David CorcoranSergeantMarch 2010
Derek C PerryLieutenantJuly 2010
Derek Oakley Part 1Captain5 March 2013
Derek Oakley Part 2Captain5 March 2013
Don LigertwoodCorporal
Frank Agass BEMRegimental Sergeant Major
George Davies Part 1Quartermaster Sergeant24 January 2012
George Davies Part 2Quartermaster Sergeant24 January 2012
Gilbert Howe DCM,MM,BEM Part 1Colour SergeantNovember 2011
Gilbert Howe DCM,MM,BEM Part 2Colour SergeantNovember 2011
Gilbert Howe DCM,MM,BEM Part 3Colour SergeantNovember 2011
Gilbert Howe DCM,MM,BEM Part 4Colour SergeantNovember 2011
Harold Dunsmore Part 1Warrant Officer IIJanuary 2010
Harold Dunsmore Part 2Warrant Officer IIJanuary 2010
Harold Dunsmore Part 3Warrant Officer IIJanuary 2010
Ian BirdseyeLieutenantJuly 2009
Ian BishopCorporalMarch 2010
Jason HareLance CorporalMarch 2010
John Henry Genaway BEMQuartermaster SergeantJanuary 2008
John PeskettMarine2009
John StreetLieutenant2010
John Sturgis MCMajorFilmed 2015
John Synnott BEM Part 1MajorMay 2011
John Synnott BEM Part 2MajorMay 2011
John Underwood Part 1MarineMay 2008
John Underwood Part 2MarineMay 2008
John Underwood Part 3MarineMay 2008
John W R Roberts Part 1MarineNovember 2012
John W R Roberts Part 2MarineNovember 2012
John Weston MCLieutenant Colonel
Keith HollowayLieutenantOctober 2017
Lucien 'Tod' Raven Hill Part 1Sergeant2004
Lucien 'Tod' Raven Hill Part 2Sergeant2004
Mike Mead MMMajor
Pat ChurchillMarineNovember 2010
Pat Gardiner MCMajor
Pat HahanMarineJune 2011
Pat WhittyMarineMay 2004
Pat Whitty Part 1MarineMay 2004
Pat Whitty Part 2MarineMay 2004
Pat Whitty Part 3MarineMay 2004
Paul JobbinsColonelMarch 2012
Paul McGrath DSM Part 1SergeantFebruary 2011
Paul McGrath DSM Part 2SergeantFebruary 2011
Paul McGrath DSM Part 3SergeantFebruary 2011
Paul McGrath DSM Part 4SergeantFebruary 2011
Paul WhiteheadMajor15 February YYYY
Peter M Wood Part 1Marine2010
Peter M Wood Part 2Marine2010
Peter M Wood Part 3Marine2010
Peter M Wood Part 4Marine2010
Peter M Wood Part 5Marine2010
Peter M Wood Part 6Marine2010
Philip Williams-JonesColonelMarch 2009
Richard LeesMarine2009
Ron HooperMarine2009
Royston LockyearMarine2009
Stephen BeckinsaleMarine2009
Steven Nethery QCMLance CorporalMarch 2010
Stuart Hallam Part 1Chaplain LieutenantSeptember 2010
Stuart Hallam Part 2Chaplain LieutenantSeptember 2010
Stuart Syrad OBE MC Part 1MajorApril 2010
Stuart Syrad OBE MC Part 2MajorApril 2010
Thomas Holland4 December 2014
Thomas SharpleyMarineJanaury 2011
Tom Jameson Part 1Major GeneralApril 1977
Tom Jameson Part 2Major GeneralApril 1977
Tom Scott Part 1Lance CorporalMarch 2010
Tom Scott Part 2Lance CorporalMarch 2010