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Year Reference Description
1920 AFO 765 R.M. Gunners-Promotion to Commissioned Rank
1920 GO 174 Substitution of rank Band Colour Sergeant and Band Sergeant for Bandmaster 1st and 2nd Class Respectively
1920 GO 206 Plymouth Band to Wear Prince of Wales Plumes
1920 GO 54 Clothing Price List
1920 GO Errata Errata for GO 167, 168
1921 AFO 1026a Royal Marines-Dress
1921 AFO 1037 Revised Admiralty Fleet Order System
1921 AFO 1858 Brigadier-General, R.M.- Abolition of Rank
1921 AFO 1864 Officers Uniform-Orders, Decorations and Medals.
1921 AFO 1866 Uniform-Orders, Decorations and Medals.
1921 AFO 2290 Royal Marine Signallers-New Non-Substantive Rating
1921 AFO 2372 Gunner, R.M.A., and Private, R.M.L.I.-Assimilation of Pay
1921 AFO 2518 R.M. Rangetaker-3rd Class for 2nd Class and 2nd Class for 1st Class may be embarked
1921 AFO 2694 Signallers R.M.-New Non-substantive Rating
1921 AFO 2799 Bandmasters, 1st and 2nd Class, R.M.
1921 AFO 402 Royal Marine Gunners-Promotion, etc.
1921 AFO 583 Staff Officers, Royal Marines-Armlets to be Worn
1921 AFO 584 Royal Marine Officers Uniform
1921 GO 103 List of Prices of Cloth, Clothing, Appointments
1921 GO 126 Store Instructions