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Year Reference Description
1895 GO 80 Embroidered Badges
1895 GO 9 Dress of Bandmasters
1896 GO 39 Price List of clothing
1897 GO 27 Prices of clothing and equipment
1897 GO 43 Field Service Cap for RM
1897 GO 63 Arm Badges for Gunnery Instructors
1898 GO 100 Blue Tartan Frock - Warrant Officers, and Staff Sergeants
1898 GO 31 Price List of Clothing and Equipment
1898 GO 38 Signalling Badges - Change of Pattern
1899 GO 19 Price List of Clothing and Equipment
1899 GO 51 1st Sergeant Instructors to be termed Quartermaster-Sergeant Instructors
1900 GO 40 Clothing Price List
1901 GO 152 Excellent Behaviour of Chatham Band whilst serving in HMS Ophir
1901 GO 34 Duties performed by the Royal Marines in connection with the Funeral of Her Late Majesty Quen Victoria
1901 GO 4 Band to accompany H.R.H. the Duke of York
1901 GO 47 Clothing Price List
1902 Clothing Price List Clothing Price List 1902
1902 GO 31 Chatham Band to wear "White Rose of York"
1902 GO 39 Clothing price list
1902 GO 71 Badges of Rank for Officers RM