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Year Reference Description
1916 GO Errata Warrant Officers
1917 AFO 1062 Rangetaker-Establishment of Non-Substantive Ratings
1917 AFO 2768 Captains, R.M. - Rank when Embarked
1917 AFO 2848 Royal Marine Gunners-Promotion and Pension
1917 AFO 2864 Silver War Badge "For Services Rendered" - Issues to Marines
1917 AFO 2921 Sick and Convalescent Officers accommodated in London-Distinctive Badge
1917 AFO 2999 Chief Royal Marine Gunners - Badges of Rank
1917 AFO 422 Silver War Badge "For Services Rendered"
1917 AFO 4343 Royal Marines-Increase of Pay
1917 GO 210 Pay of Drum Majors, Bugle Majors, and Buglers, R.M.-Abolition of Fee to Drum Major on completion of Buglers, Training
1917 GO 38 RM Labour Companies
1917 GO 53 Royal Marine Labour Corps
1917 GO 59 Clothing Price List
1917 GO 9 Physical Training Instructors WOs I and II allowed
1918 AFO 1068 Rangetakers
1918 AFO 1071 Wardroom Officers Servants-Gunners, R.M.A., eligible
1918 AFO 1165 Bombardier-Abolition of the Rank as a Substantive Rank in the Royal Marine Artillery
1918 AFO 1227 Chevrons for Officers
1918 AFO 1228 Chevrons - Award to R.N.A.S.
1918 AFO 1365 Chevrons for Service at Sea or Overseas-Conditions of Award of First Chevrons