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Year Reference Description
1919 AFO 1096 Gunlayers, 3rd Class
1919 AFO 2649 Distinctive Badge for Band Ranks, R.N. Scholl of Music-Institution
1919 AFO 2691 Badges for Divers
1919 AFO 3082 Royal Air Force-New Titles for Commissioned Ranks
1919 AFO 3567 Royal Marines-Specialist Allowances
1919 AFO 3790 Officers Uniform-Royal Marines
1919 AFO 3868 Royal Marine Gunners-Qualification as Gunners
1919 AFO 971 Officers Uniform-Royal Marines.
1919 GO 150 Warrant Officers Class I - Dress
1919 GO 158 Band Ranks - RN School of Music
1919 GO 172 Dress of NC Officers Promoted QMS or Equivalent Rank
1919 GO 236 Royal Marine Labour Corps - Demobilization
1919 GO 28 Badges to be Worn by Warrant Officers
1919 GO 58 Price List of Clothing
1919 GO 80 Reconstruction Unit
1919 Pocket Book Pocket Book
1920 AFO 2071 Badges-Issuing Prices
1920 AFO 2307 Royal Marines-Specialist Allowances
1920 AFO 2573 Uniform-Royal Cypher
1920 AFO 3337 Royal Marine Officers Uniform