Royal Marines Graves

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For an explanation of the Royal Marine Register Numbers see: RM Register Number.pdf

Surname First name Number Rank Unit Age Date Country of Burial Grave Location Notes
Adam Ian William Lieutenant Royal Marines No. 47 Commando 19 14 January 1945 Netherlands Sprangcapelle General Cemetery Son of William Alexander Adam and Mary Louise Adam, of Haywards Heath, Sussex.
Adam William PLY/19270 Marine Royal Marines H.M.S. President III (S.S. Bradfyne) 42 22 November 1940 United Kingdom Plymouth Naval Memorial Son of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Adam; husband of Alice Ann Adam, of Hanwell, Middlesex.
Adam William RME/13580 Gunner Royal Marine Artillery H.M.S. Hercules. Not known 6 May 1920 United Kingdom Cathcart Cemetery
Adams A CH/9571 Private Royal Marine Light Infantry (H.M.S. Wei-Hai-Wei, Naval Depot) in June / July 1900 China Unknown Graspan Memorial, intersection of The Mall and Spring Gardens, City of Westminster, Greater London Relief of Pekin 1900
Adams Alastair Scott PO62206M Marine Royal Marines Fleet Protection Group 19 26 March 2005 United Kingdom Royal Naval Cemetery, Haslar, Go
Adams Archibald PLY/11096 Private Royal Marine Light Infantry H.M. Monitor Severn. 35 6 February 1915 United Kingdom Lowestoft (Normanston Drive) Cemetery Husband of Emily E. Adams, of 8, Hoe Park Terrace, Citadel Rd., Plymouth.
Adams Arthur CH/5285 Lance Corporal Royal Marine Light Infantry (RMR/B/420). Chatham Battalion RN Division 42 8 October 1914 Belgium Berchem (Antwerpen) Communal Cemetery Son of Richard and Mary Adams; husband of Mary Jane Adams, of Burton Rd., Repton, Derby.
Adams Arthur Anthony PLY/X 2710 Marine Royal Marines H.M.S. Gloucester. 20 22 May 1941 United Kingdom Plymouth Naval Memorial Son of Frank and Emily Adams, of Coventry.
Adams Charles Graham CH/X 3437 Marine Royal Marines H.M.S. Royal Sovereign. 19 30 January 1942 United Kingdom Chatham Naval Memorial Son of Charles Herbert and Doris Maud Adams, of Liverpool.
Adams David PO/7578 Private Royal Marine Light Infantry HMS 'Attentative' 43 7 September 1915 United Kingdom Dover (St. James'S) Cemetery Son of James Adams, of Millerhill, Dalkeith, Midlothian.
Adams Eric Frederick PO/X107560 Marine Royal Marines H.M.S. Nelson. 23 1 February 1946 United Kingdom Ramsey St. Marys (St. Mary) Churchyard Son of Mr. and Mrs. William Adams, of Ramsey; husband of C. Adams, of Ramsey.
Adams Ernest PO/X 113231 Marine Royal Marines H.M.S. Aurora. 18 30 October 1943 United Kingdom Portsmouth Naval Memorial Son of Elsie Adams.
Adams Frank Percy RMB/X 546 Musician Royal Marine Band H.M.S. Hood 32 24 May 1941 United Kingdom Portsmouth Naval Memorial Son of Charles Frank and Annie Adams, of Gillingham, Kent.
Adams George PLY/9548 Sergeant Royal Marine Light Infantry 72 3 August 1956 Not known Not known MSM. Memorial plaque Efford Cemetery, Plymouth.
Adams Henry PLY/1773(S) Private Royal Marine Light Infantry 2nd R.M. Bn. R.N. Div. Not known 27 March 1918 France Arras Memorial
Adams James PLY/8638 Private Royal Marine Light Infantry H.M.S. Pegasus. 32 20 September 1914 Tanzania Zanzibar (Grave Island) Cemetery
Adams Keith Henry PO/X 2029 Corporal Royal Marines H.M.S. Hood. Not known 24 May 1941 United Kingdom Portsmouth Naval Memorial
Adams Peter Unknown Sergeant Royal Marines Unknown 11 January 2009 United Kingdom St John In The Wilderness Church
Adams Roy Manfred CH/21203 Private Royal Marine Light Infantry H.M.S. Vindictive. 18 23 April 1918 United Kingdom Lydd Cemetery Son of Arthur Adams, of Ice House, Manor Rd., Lydd.
Adams Vincent CH/13518 Corporal Royal Marine Light Infantry Chatham Div 32 19 June 1920 United Kingdom Gillingham (Woodlands) Cemetery, Kent